Thursday, September 17, 2009

This week's OT and Speech sesions.

Both of Garrett's therapists mentioned some great improvements in his attentiveness and interaction.

From Garrett's Occupational Therapist:

Garrett is now on a GFCF diet and mom feels he's really responding well. He is now pointing!

Garrett played with us for an hour with just one trip to his room to get a book. We introduced brushing with a sensory brush and he enjoyed it, especially on his hands. He played and explored a variety of toys and showed true joy when playing with the accordion tubes. He also let us help him with a hammer toy and shape sorter. He did much more referencing of mom and big brother.

From Garrett's Speech Pathologist:

Great Session! Garrett was both easier to engage and stayed engaged for longer periods. We were able to get Garrett to let us intrude on his play with a magnetic writer and beads. We imitated him and then he imitated us! ... Garrett loved Row Row Your Boat. A slow version with lots of pull & push calmed him. Garrett said "down" at the end, playing up/down from mom's lap!

He did say something that sounded like "down" after I said down and let him fall backwards. He wouldn't repeat it again. I am going to keep working on it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Garrett is making excellent progress.

Garrett flew to California with me for a week to attend my sister's wedding. He did very well on the flight there.

I am constantly amazed at the progress that Garrett is making. He gave us a lot of good eye contact this week. He even played a face to face game with my sister, Stephanie. I had to get it on video because I wasn't sure that people would believe me.

He would not have done this a month ago.

Garrett's occupational therapist came yesterday. She was so proud of him for staying with us. He had to get away for a few minutes, but he came right back. He attended to the activities and even let me take turns with him for a little bit.