Friday, November 20, 2009

Great progress!

Garrett began following simple directions this week. He still doesn't respond to his name 100% of the time, but that one's gonna take some time. He will bring me an item and he'll sit down in his chair when asked.

I took him to the Ophthalmologist on Wednesday. These appointments are challenging for a kid that doesn't like his head touched. It took two of us to hold him still, but they were able to get what they needed pretty quickly. He is farsighted, but within a normal range for his age. No glasses for now, but they said he should be tested in 18 months.

Garrett's speech pathologist brought us some visual helpers yesterday. We've used them successfully for snack time and are working to build his understanding. I'm hoping that we can eventually use these helpers so that he can understand more routines.

Garrett is cutting molars and just wasn't up for his occupational therapy session today. He played with some Mega Blocks for a few minutes and then spent the rest of the time snacking and watching Bronson build a big tower.

This was our last week with these providers. We've loved working with both of these ladies. I'm hoping that our providers in Virginia will be just as wonderful. We've been spoiled here.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Garrett loves muffins!

I've been making muffins for the past two weeks or so, just to hide fruits and veggies for Garrett. We've tried a few different combinations, just replacing the oil with baby food purees. I've also chopped up some apples into some of them.

It's working. He'll eat any muffin I throw in front of him, with the exception of pumpkin. Which is just fine, I'll keep my pumpkin puree for myself. :)

Monday, November 9, 2009


This may be a totally lame thing to get excited about. Typical parents of typical children don't usually get excited about little things like this. But I am no typical parent.

Garrett ate mashed potatoes with his dinner tonight. He has avoided anything with that texture for over a year. I always put them on his plate anyway and am not surprised when he doesn't even touch them.

Not so today! He dug in with his fingers, wiped his hands off on the tray and then licked his thumb. I thought for sure that he would spit it out and make a huge deal of it like he normally does. Nope. He just kept going back to load up his fingers.

So what did this mommy do? I changed my facebook status and twittered about it.

STOP THE PRESSES! Garrett just ate mashed potatoes! Take that, Oral Motor Sensory Issues!