Monday, November 9, 2009


This may be a totally lame thing to get excited about. Typical parents of typical children don't usually get excited about little things like this. But I am no typical parent.

Garrett ate mashed potatoes with his dinner tonight. He has avoided anything with that texture for over a year. I always put them on his plate anyway and am not surprised when he doesn't even touch them.

Not so today! He dug in with his fingers, wiped his hands off on the tray and then licked his thumb. I thought for sure that he would spit it out and make a huge deal of it like he normally does. Nope. He just kept going back to load up his fingers.

So what did this mommy do? I changed my facebook status and twittered about it.

STOP THE PRESSES! Garrett just ate mashed potatoes! Take that, Oral Motor Sensory Issues!


  1. Yea... I am so excited for you all... that is a huge step for Garrett...

  2. You should totally be excited about that! So COOL!!!