Friday, October 30, 2009

Developmental Peds - Visit Two

We met with Garrett's Developmental Pediatrician yesterday. It was a follow up visit to go over the tests that had been ordered 2 months ago.

Genetic testing, hearing and the MRI all came back normal, which we already knew. Our ABA referral had fallen out of the system while we were waiting for the EFMP and ECHO paperwork to be filed. The doctor put that referral in again, but now it's close enough to our move that I doubt Garrett will start ABA until we're in Virginia. I asked the doctor about a nutrition consult and he gave us a referral to the pediatric dietitian at Walter Reed.

The doctor also filled out paperwork for us to get a disabled placard through the Nevada DMV. That will make things a little bit easier while Todd is deployed.

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  1. I am glad things are on track for you guys and all the help you can get for him.