Thursday, October 1, 2009

Small update

Both boys were sick last week, so Garrett did not have therapy.

This week, we started Garrett on probiotics. We're using Nature's Way Primadophilus® Kids. I picked the 30 ct bottle up at Whole Foods Market for around $7. I also purchased some xanthum gum and potato starch so that I can do some GFCF baking using the flours that I bought a few weeks ago. One of the TACA moms gave me a copy of Special Diets for Special Kids and I'm very excited to start using it.

Garrett had a great OT session yesterday. He referenced Bronson a few times while Bronson was playing with a different toy.

Today, the speech pathologist brought the More Than Words dvd. We went over some goals for Garrett (like more eye contact, taking turns, etc.) and showed a few ways to get some interaction and give him an opportunity to communicate.


  1. Special diets for special kids is AWESOME. It took me a while to get it, but the kids have mostly liked what I have made. You totally need to try the GFCF twinkies recipe! The velvet pinapple cake is the BEST recipe I have found and is MUCH cheaper than box mixes. I have both the first book and the second one, so hopefully you have those recipes...if not, I'll send them to you!