Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ABA progress and a new speech therapist

The report from ABA this week is that Garrett is no longer head banging. He still gets frustrated and rocks, but isn't getting to the point where he is hurting himself. He was very resistant to signing last week. I've been trying to get him to sign for the past year with no luck. The past two days, he has let the therapists sign hand over hand with him. Today, I tried it with him during out afternoon snack and saw it in action. I showed him some cereal and he put his hand up for me to manipulate. I put his other fingers down and said "cereal". He then looked at me and nodded.

We met Garrett's new speech therapist today. We went over the program and Garrett's goals. We talked about using pictures of people and objects that Garrett knows and getting him to point. We'll see her again next week.

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