Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Garrett started ABA today!

His therapists are great!

I stuck around for the first 20 minutes or so. He was fine when we arrived, but once the other kids started coming in, he freaked out. He started banging his head on the floor. They asked what I usually do to stop him, and I told them that I usually just slide my hand under his head. They just wanted to make sure that they're doing it the same way. I took some rice cakes in for his snack. He saw them on the table and instead of getting the attention of the therapist that was sitting at the table, he came across the room and tried to take my hand. I folded my arms, which he didn't like. But he did go and stand next to the table and wait for the therapist to pick up the baggie. Then he gave her eye contact and was rewarded with praise and a rice cake.

When I picked him up after the two hours, they said he did great. He slammed his head into the floor a few more times and now has rug burn on his forehead. He didn't show any warning signs that he was going to bang his head (like throwing a tantrum, or going on all fours), so they didn't have time to slide their hand under before he'd already hit the carpet once. The carpet in the playroom is not soft. Hopefully that will deter him from banging his head after a few days.

One of the therapists did some hand over hand signing with him. He didn't object, so she said that she'll keep trying and see how he does with it. They are going to write up his plan this week. I was told that he showed some interest in an insect puzzle and a shape sorter. Those are the lowest level toys that are, so he's literally starting from the beginning. It really does show his developmental levels. I say it all the time, but he's a 10 month old in a two year old's body.

We'll see how he does tomorrow.

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