Sunday, March 14, 2010

Update to head banging

We met with a physician's assistant at the base clinic on Friday. She said that Garrett has a hemotoma and that if the behavior doesn't stop, he will eventually develop a bone callus.

No bueno.

She did recommend a helmet. I picked him up a martial arts sparring helmet at a second hand store. It doesn't fit him correctly and he hates it. I sent an email to his OT, since we won't see her again until Friday. I'm also thinking about sending an email to his developmental pediatrician and see if he can get Tricare to cover a real "special needs" helmet. Those are pretty expensive since most of them are custom fit.

The PA said that the next step is anti-anxiety meds. She said that's the last resort, but unfortunately, it would be next step if we can't get him to stop with behavioral therapy and the helmet doesn't deter him. I would HATE to put him on meds already. He's still so little.


  1. I hope the helmet takes care of it. Just keep praying that whatever is best for Garrett will happen. Maybe he could do meds for a little while, and then go off.

  2. I would recommend seeing a DAN! docotor before meds.