Sunday, July 26, 2009

Garrett will play now!

It's only for a few minutes when I sit him down to do it, but he's not protesting nearly as much. I sit him down twice a day for a few minutes to play with his blocks or his stacking rings. He will take the rings off the pole, but he doesn't want to put the blue ring on first. He always tries to put the orange or the yellow ring on and then gets mad because the others don't fit or that there's empty space at the bottom. This morning, he put the yellow, orange and red rings on. He then picked up the green and blue rings and took off down the hall and threw them at the front door.

He will put blocks into a container if I'm doing it. If I just pull the blocks out, he starts taking them out of the bucket and placing them in front of him. He turns them around so that the red side is up. If there isn't a red side, he chucks it behind him. It's something that if you weren't looking for it, you wouldn't really notice, but once you realize what he's doing, you think about how weird it is.