Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Occupational Therapy, session 2

We had another great OT session this morning. I'm so happy that I'm learning how to join his play and attend to his sensory issues.

We got some great people games in today. He let me sing to him. He played wrestle the ball with the therapist. He even chased Bronson down the hall a few times.

I learned to do deep joint compression on his knees and ankles. He really responded to that. He communicated that he wanted more by touching the therapist with his leg or raising his leg up to her hand. He also liked it when I held him under his arms, picked him up off the ground and made him jump, but he didn't like facing me when I did it.

We were able to redirect stimming twice. I've involved Bronson in this process. When he sees Garrett spitting, he gives him his teether or chewy tube. It doesn't work every time, but I also tried to make Garrett understand that he can spit all over his mouth toys, but he's not allowed to spit on the furniture.

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  1. What exactly are his sensory issues?

    That's really cool that Bronson is starting to helping out a little. Even though they are both so little, I think it's good bringing the big brother in to help out already.