Monday, July 13, 2009

Present Developmental Levels

Garrett had another evaluation today by two members of the early intervention program. They used the M-Chat, Mullen Scales of Early Learning and 20 month ASQ (Ages and Stages Questionnaire).

Here are some stats from their report.

Cognitive Development - 7 months
"Explored the puzzle but did not place pieces, turned cup upwards, showed interest in book as hinge, turned a few pages at one time. Did not attend to pictures."

Receptive Language - 1 month
"Enjoyed looking in mirror, attends to words and movements, put arms up to be picked up. No response to whistle, does not turn to name. Does not follow simple directions."

Expressive Language - 8 months
"Does not play peek-a-boo, plays with sounds, vocalizes when he wants something. Plays with consonant sounds "g", "d", "t". No real words, shook his head no (Mom had not seen this before)."

Social-Emotional - 8 months
"Prefers to be by himself. Does not acknowledge 2 1/2 year old brother. Does not take interest in toys. Will watch ball bounce. Does not like to be cuddled. Goes off by himself often."

Self-Care - Dressing 14 months, Feeding 18 months
"Cooperates with tooth brushing. Allows Mom to wash his face. Does not use utensils but will finger feed. Drinks water from open cup with assistance. Sleeps well. Sucks through straw."

Fine Motor - 11 months
"Took 4 blocks out. Did not stack blocks today. Turned pages several at a time. Used hand as rake to pick up penny, partial pincher grasp. Transferred toys from one hand to another. Did not use 2 hands together."

Gross Motor - 17 months
"Can walk up and down stairs non-alternating. Runs stiffly. Not kicking ball yet. Threw ball underhand. Stands, squats. Will roll over onto stomach from back."

Summary Statement and Recommendations:

"It was a pleasure to meet Garrett and his family this morning. Garrett is a 20 month old little boy who was difficult to engage. He was interested in test items on his own terms but did not appear to understand directions given. He sometimes later imitated actions made with test items. Garrett did not respond well to auditory stimuli in general. Garrett makes a few sounds that he frequently repeats in strings. Garrett qualifies for service with infant and toddlers by showing a 25% delay in several areas: receptive and expressive language, problem solving, dressing and hygiene, fine motor and social skills. M-Chat indicates a need for further evaluation. Parents have already scheduled an evaluation with a developmental pediatrician in August 2009."

Follow-up strategies and activities:
  • Try some deep pressure to calm or prepare Garrett for activities. Gently push down on.
  • Offer choices of food. Begin with 1 he likes and 1 you know he doesn't want. Reaching or looking at 1 is okay.
  • Imitate the sounds Garrett makes then model the one word that seems appropriate. ie. "yes", "apple".
  • Give Garrett more opportunities to communicate by waiting for him to indicate by sound, word or gesture that he wants more of a food he can see in a clear container.
  • When Garrett is playing, try to join in his play.

Both evaluators commended us on following through with our instincts and getting Garrett the help that he needs. The earlier we can help him, the better.

One of our evaluators was a Speech Pathologist. She showed me how to imitate Garrett and model a word for him during our snack time. Because we're moving, we'll miss the next session of their More Than Words class, but she is going to come to our house and do it privately.


  1. I'm glad that you have resources to pull from right now. I think that really is the key! You are doing great.

  2. you're doing great katie! garrett is VERY LUCKY that YOU are his mother!