Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Occupational Therapy session 3

Garrett is making great strides with his early intervention services. He played with Bronson for a few minutes today. He never shows any interest in what his brother is doing, so this is a HUGE thing. Our OT brought some Peek-a-blocks today, and since Garrett was so interested in them, she's leaving them with us until she comes back next month. He likes them because of the texture. He gets that sensory input on his hand when he pushes them together.

Here are the OT's notes for today:
Garrett did not leave us at all today. He was engaged in toys and focused. Does less spitting when engaged in play. Approached brother who was playing with a toy and started playing at same time. Held up toys to get eye contact - then gave to Garrett.


  1. awesome! Sounds like he's making some good progress!

  2. So glad to see he's progressing!!!!! Good news!!!!!