Monday, August 17, 2009

Official Diagnosis

Garrett had his appointment with his Developmental Pediatrician today. We weren't sure what to expect at this visit. We weren't sure if he would just be gathering information for a future diagnosis or if we would be jumping right in.

The doctor took Garrett's history, some family history and asked us questions about his development. He then did some tests with Garrett (a peg board, cup and blocks, etc.) and did a quick physical exam.

Then came the hard part.

Although we were expecting it, I don't think we could ever be fully prepared to hear it. Garrett is autistic. We've known that for 3 months, we just needed an official diagnosis.

Now that we have a diagnosis, we can enroll him in the Exceptional Family Member Program. He will also qualify for ECHO, which will cover his Applied Behavioral Analysis.

1 comment:

  1. What a relief that he has been diagnosed. That way you can get him the help now that he needs. Kudos to you and how you've been handling this situation. A cousin of mine has an autistic son as if you ever want to talk to someone who's gone through what you're going through let me know...she's amazing.