Thursday, August 6, 2009

Speech Therapy session 3

Garrett is still not talking, but we're really working on getting him to communicate in other ways. Eye contact is a big thing right now. We've been trying to wait until he looks at us to do what he wants.

Today during speech therapy, he was playing with a Little People house that has a bell on it. He can't make the bell ring by himself. He needs either Chris or I to do it for him. He would try to push it and when it didn't work for him, he would grunt. Chris would wait until he looked up before she would ring the bell. At first, he would only look as high as her hand, so she raised her hand up to her cheek. That brought Garrett's attention upward and he began to look up at her to communicate that he wanted her to ring the bell again.

I've been doing the same thing when he wants to jump. I'll make him jump once. I know that he wants more because he bends his knees, but I wait until he looks up at me before I will respond.

Garrett loves it when Chris brings out the beads. He loves to shake them around, or put them on the ground and rake him fingers across them. Chris would like me to put some beads in a container that Garrett can't open. He'll need to communicate to me that he needs help to open it if he'd like to play. I have a plastic shoebox that I can use, but I'll need to go buy some beads for him.

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