Friday, August 21, 2009

We've gone GFCF!

We are on day three of the GFCF diet. Garrett doesn't have much variety in his diet anyway because of his food aversions and sensory/texture issues.

Things he will eat:

chicken nuggets
cold baked or grilled chicken
peanut butter sandwiches
french fries

I have found GFCF replacements for most of those items, but our go-to meal for Garrett has always been a peanut butter sandwich. If he wouldn't eat what we were having, he would have a sandwich. I refuse to pay $6 for a little tiny loaf of gluten free bread, so he's going without right now.

One of his other problems is that he won't eat what he doesn't recognize.

For breakfast this morning, I gave him GFCF waffles, scrambled eggs, banana and rice milk. I knew that he wasn't going to eat the eggs, so I spread some peanut butter on his mini waffles. He wouldn't touch them. After watching him pushing them around the tray for 10 minutes, I finally stepped over and shoved a piece in his mouth. I know that it's something he'll eat, but he doesn't recognize it as something he likes. We have to do that a lot.

1 comment:

  1. I know fruit snacks weren't on your list above, but if you ever want to try Garrett on them, try Florida's Naturals Au'some Fruit Nuggets. We're not on a GFCF diet, we were just looking for snacks for a road trip, but they are very yummy! (I'm not sure if they are casien free, but they are gluten and gelatin free)

    We get ours at Target in the grocery section, with the other fruit snack stuff.